Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meet The Fellowship: Becky's Side

Our fairytale romance is no different than any other fairytale.  Of course there's a beautiful princess and a rough-around-the-edges-with-a-beard-of-gold prince, but you already know Becky and I.  If you don't, get out of here; this story isn't for you.  But like all of the other stories from your childhood that lied to you until you believed in true love, or the power of friendship, or whatever, this story also has a compelling cast of supporting characters.  These are the people you'll see walking around dressed vaguely alike and holding stuff for us while we say nice things to each other on a stage.  We call them our fellowship.  Let's meet Becky's side after the jump:

Ermela Morina

In the great tradition of mythology-related campy television, every princess has a hand maiden that is sworn to defend her.  Ermela has indeed sworn to protect Becky, but I dare you to call her a hand maiden... or really any kind of maiden that doesn't have the word "iron" in front of it.  While she may be quick to wield the verbal equivalent of that weird ring-thing that Xena had, she's fiercely loyal and would do anything for Becky.  

Yorgun Marcel

Every 15 century Middle-English Grail Romance author got stuck from time to time while penning their masterpiece.  And like those authors, when Becky gets stuck, she turns to the wise old man character for advice, and to move the plot along.  Yorgun moves our plot along better than anyone.  Not only is Yorgun Becky's sage, he's also a willing "Bridesman" and for that we love him.

Brent Gross