Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meet The Fellowship: Gordie's Side

Our fairytale romance is no different than any other fairytale.  Of course there's a beautiful princess and a rough-around-the-edges-with-a-beard-of-gold prince, but you already know Becky and I.  If you don't, get out of here; this story isn't for you.  But like all of the other stories from your childhood that lied to you until you believed in true love, or the power of friendship, or whatever, this story also has a compelling cast of supporting characters.  These are the people you'll see walking around dressed vaguely alike and holding stuff for us while we say nice things to each other on a stage.  We call them our fellowship.  Let's meet Gordie's Side:

Brian Loewen

Brian is Gordie's Conseiller d'Etat.  Not only does he follow Gordie in the line of succession for the vast Loewen Kingdom, he also discharges Gordie's royal functions while Gordie is in another realm of the Loewen Commonwealth.  It is in this capacity that he will step in as Gordie's best man.  History and custom dictate that Brian, as the second born son, act out in manner that's not too offensive for ABC Family.

Noel Clark

Noel is Gordie's Aragorn.  Having recently married, Noel is the ranger that will lead Gordie to the Rivendell of matrimony.  We also think that he looks roguishly handsome with a beard.  He defended Gordie from outside invaders in the Shire (Fliphome) as well as in the ancient fortress of Helm's Deep (some crappy house in St Cloud).  As the crown in the photo suggests, he will later become king of... I don't know, the analogy is starting to fray.  Either way, he's Gordie's oldest Minnesota friend, we love him to death, and we're lucky to have his blade.

Mike Linden
Mike is Gordie's second oldest Minnesota friend (by approximately a day).  He is also our Lancelot, without the creepy, inappropriate relationship overtones.  When Gordie needs a hand, he calls Mike.  When Becky needs to be saved from a historically dubious kidnapper and Gordie is too busy lording over his kingdom, she calls Mike.  Like Lancelot, we've shared a castle with him, in Gordie's case, on multiple occasions, and again, without the creepy relationship overtones.  Either way, there's no one's sword we'd rather have join our quest, and again, no creepy overtones.

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