Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Meet The Fellowship: Other Awesome People

Our fairytale romance is no different than any other fairytale.  Of course there's a beautiful princess and a rough-around-the-edges-with-a-beard-of-gold prince, but you already know Becky and I.  If you don't, get out of here; this story isn't for you.  But like all of the other stories from your childhood that lied to you until you believed in true love, or the power of friendship, or whatever, this story also has a compelling cast of supporting characters.  These are the people you'll see walking around dressed vaguely alike and holding stuff for us while we say nice things to each other on a stage.  We call them our fellowship.  Let's meet all the other awesome people after the jump:

Andy Barr

It is a little known fact, even amongst medieval crypto-historians, that paladins can come in all shapes, sizes, and species.  While he may not look it, Andy is our holy warrior-priest.  While he may have the demeanor of a axe-wielding dwarf, he has a heart of gold and a command of language that can make even those as cynical as he, tear up.  We are so happy he has agreed to officiate for us.

Susan Melchionne

Sometimes we have questions.  Susan seems to have answers.  She's like our oracle, without the mischievousness, three people-ness, or weird old-naked-witch-ness, depending on the specific oracle tradition/story you're thinking of.  So to can she be your oracle.  She's magnanimously agreed to answer any questions that people don't want to bother us with.  You can call her at 612-990-6995.

Steve Melchionne

Steve is Little John to Gordie's Robin Hood and Becky's Maid Marian.  Not only has he repeatedly rescued us both, but he also accounts for about 60% of the brawn in our group of friends.  He told us that he'd be happy to help with anything that we need, but wethinks he may have partook of too much mead when we asked him.

Kate Duffy

Kate is our Lady of the Lake, mostly in the Lerner and Loewe Camelot sense.  Like Noel, she was recently married (to Noel) and as such made a "Follow Me" style entreaty to us as she shows us the pathway through our wedding day.  She's totally not trapping us in a cave or anything, but she has agreed to help us with any of the bizarre tasks that may arise around the event.

Scott Weller

 Check out the 'stache!  Scott is clearly the most Medieval Spaniard of all our friends and thus the most likely to use a catapult to hurl livestock at us.  To atone for such absurd acts (which clearly never happened), he has graciously agreed to help us with tasks during the day like sound checking. 

Jonah Matranga

While he's not strictly-speaking one of our close friends (we don't know him personally), we've both loved Jonah's music for years and we are so honored that he has agreed to provide live music for both the ceremony and the reception.  He's sort of our bard for the day, though we suspect that he won't follow us throughout the countryside signing of our adventures afterward.  He'll probably just go back to his recording career, which we think is pretty awesome too.  You can check him out at or find some of his music here.  We think he's pretty rad and we're pretty sure you will too.

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